NatureServe Web Services

Use Guidelines and Citation

This service presents selected data from the NatureServe Central Databases. Users of this service and the data provided must conform to the specific guidelines, restrictions and disclaimers detailed here.

Restrictions on Use

These data are made available by NatureServe and its network of natural heritage programs and conservation data centers ( ), and use of these data is governed by the terms of NatureServe's data sharing agreements with these independent data custodians. Permission to use, copy, or distribute small amounts of information or data delivered from this server is hereby granted under the following conditions:

1. These data are available for non-commercial conservation, educational, and research use, but may not be repackaged or redistributed in any form without written permission. Appropriate acknowledgment of NatureServe and its natural heritage program members should be made in any reports or other products derived from these data using the following format;

If data download is requested directly from our web services the citation should be:

Citation: Natureserve. 2019. NatureServe Web Service. Arlington, VA. U.S.A. Available (Accessed: <date>)

If data download is requested via NatureServe Explorer the citation should be:

Citation: Natureserve. 2019. NatureServe Explorer: An online encyclopedia of life [web application]. Version 7.0. NatureServe, Arlington, VA. U.S.A. Available (Accessed: <date>)

Acknowledgement Statement:

This information is provided by NatureServe ( and its network of natural heritage member programs, a leading source of information about rare and endangered species, and threatened ecosystems.

2. Data and images available from this Service must not be used in other web applications without specific permission;

3. Some data may be downloaded to files and altered in format for analytical purposes, however the data should still be referenced using the citation as formatted above;

4. Users may not download large amounts of data or multiple images from this Service without permission. Because we make corrections and refinements to these databases on a continual basis, including the addition of text and images, it is not in our interest or that of our contributors to have uncontrolled and static subsets of these holdings available elsewhere;

5. Images taken from this Service may only be used in accordance with the usage guidelines provided with the image and the copyright holder and photographers must be clearly credited with the image.

Information Warranty Disclaimer: NatureServe makes no warranty as to the currency, completeness, or accuracy of these data, and shall have no liability or responsibility to the data users, or any other person or entity with respect to any liability, loss, or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by the dataset. Since the data provided via this Service are continually being updated, any electronic data must be refreshed at least once a year after its receipt.

Feedback Request: NatureServe encourages users to let us know of any errors or significant omissions that you find in the data. Your comments will be very valuable in improving the overall quality of our databases for the benefit of all users.