NatureServe Web Services

Index of Services

Name Type of data Version Description
Global Comprehensive Species Biological 1.1 NatureServe Explorer provides data on over 70,000 of the plant and animal species of the United States and Canada. The Global Comprehensive Species Service provides direct access to this species data in easy to manipulate XML format, ideal for further analysis.
Species Images Images 1.0 NatureServe Explorer provides access to a collection of species images. The Species Images Service provides direct access to the metadata for those images, including the URL's for the image files themselves. Searches may be conducted for a single species, or by wildcarded scientific or common name. Since an image may be available at multiple resolutions, the service can be asked, for instance, for just the thumbnail version. The URL's for related versions at other resolutions are shown in the response.
Global Species List by Name Lookup 1.0 This service primarily enables the lookup of species Unique IDs (UID) by name. These UIDs are required for access to the more detailed services.