NatureServe Web Services

Global Species List by Name

This service primarily enables the lookup of species Unique IDs (UID) by name. These UIDs are required for access to the more detailed services.


Parameter Description
name An asterisk (*) wildcarded species name, e.g., ‘Aquila chry*’. Name matching is case-insensitive and all of the primary and synonymous scientific names, along with all common names, are matched.
NSAccessKeyId Access Key, available free to registered users.
XML schema
Root element speciesSearchReport
Detailed documentation documentation_speciesSearchResult_v1.1.xml
Usage notes The globalSpeciesUid element within each speciesSearchResult provides the species UID. This UID can be used, for example, to obtain detailed biological data from the Global Comprehensive Species Service, or search for images using the Species Images Service.
Sample service calls (live)

Get species with names like Ruby*:

Current Version: v1