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NatureServe Species Schemas Version 1.0


The NatureServe Species Schemas are documents that describe, in XML, species-level attributes reflected in NatureServe's biodiversity data model. The comprehensive species schema includes all species data managed at the global (i.e., range-wide) level by NatureServe that are currently accessible through the NatureServe Explorer website. The summary species schema includes species data managed at the subnational (i.e., state or provincial) level by the NatureServe network. These schemas apply to plant and animal species, and are not intended to apply to data on ecological units managed by NatureServe or its network. Species occurrence-level data as managed by the NatureServe network are described in two separate schemas.



Detailed Documents:

Field-by-Field Human Readable Documentation

Sample XML: Haliaeetus leucocephalus (bald eagle)

Associated Schemas:

CompleteSpeciesSchema.xsd   This is the root of the XML schema hierarchy. All of the rest of the schemas are included from this file and represent sub-elements below "species". If you would like to learn more about the species schemas start here.
SummarySpeciesSchema.xsd   This is "species" at the subnational level.
ClassificationTypesSchema.xsd   These are the sub-elements that deal with the type of species that is being described.
ConservationStatusTypesSchema.xsd   These are the sub-elements that deal with the ranking of a species.
DistributionTypesSchema.xsd   These are the sub-elements that deal with the tabular location data associated with an element, such as nations and provinces/states where this species is known to exist.
EcologyAndLifeHistoryTypesSchema.xsd   These are the sub-elements that deal with things like habitats, food habits and phenologies.
EconomicAttributeTypesSchema.xsd   These are the sub-elements that cover commercial influences on this species, such as economic uses and production methods.
ManagementSummaryTypesSchema.xsd   These are the sub-elements that deal with how the species should be managed, such as management and monitoring requirements.
NatureServeBasicTypes.xsd   These are the subtypes that are used to compose the other schema documents. These are abstract types that don't always have a corresponding entity.
PopulationOccurrenceTypesSchema.xsd   These are the sub-elements that deal with how a population of this species is defined.



If you have feedback on the version 1.0 release of either, or both, of the species schemas, we would love to hear from you.

Send Us Feedback:
These version 1.0 schemas have completed an initial public review phase. If you still have feedback we would love to hear from you!
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