NatureServe Web Services

Global Comprehensive Species Service

NatureServe Explorer provides data on over 70,000 of the plant and animal species of the United States and Canada. The Global Comprehensive Species Service provides direct access to this species data in easy to manipulate XML format, ideal for further analysis.


Parameter Description
uid A comma separated list of species Unique ID's for species in NatureServe Explorer, e.g., ‘ELEMENT_GLOBAL.2.453627,ELEMENT_GLOBAL.2.123456’.
NSAccessKeyId Access Key, available free to registered users.
XML schema
Root element globalSpeciesList
Detailed documentation documentation_comprehensiveSpecies_v1.1.xml
Sample service calls (live)

Get single species (Golden Eagle):

[Note that the data is arranged in a similar hierarchy to this NatureServe Explorer report.]

Get multiple species:

Current Version: v1.1

All previous versions are now deprecated. Any users of version 1.0 are encouraged to migrate to v1.1.